Mimi back happy time

Hello, fabulous people! I know it been a while that I have not posted anything, the reason is because I have been busy with work and thinking about my future and business that I am willing to start. Before I get to that, I am going to tell you what happen to me and my friend, when we went to Dixy Chicken at the Clayton Street. When entering the restaurant, the music was so loud, it kind look like it was a club in there. I and my bestie order some meal to the sit in, it was freeze where we sat. I politely asked the member of staff to turn off the conditioner as it was freezing inside the restaurant, but they rudely refuse and I also told them the music was so loud and I and my bestie could not hear each other but started to talk loud. Which I was very angry about that. But anyway, if any of you want to go fast food restaurant and if the staff are rude and not listening to the customer just make a complain as I did but anyway, I decided not to go there unless there is a manager on the shop floor.

dixy chicken

Another reason for me not posting anything is because I have not been myself, I am very angry and I missed my fiancé so much that, I want to get my own place. I want to save up as much money as possible. Maybe next time, I get to put more creative on my YouTube channel and share on my blogs with you guys. Also, I would like to ask anyone who knows how to get an online store but a cheaper one to start my business.

Thanks for reading my blogs, I will see next time with another blog but more excited.


Remember to stay fabulous.


“10 Days in London”

Hello, fabulous people! How are you doing today? Today blog is about me spending time in London with my little cousins. It was quite exciting, but even though I did not stick with my diet schedule and eating anything, but try to do exercise, but it was not working. Anyway, the first day when I arrive in London, it was a bit complicated when to get the Victoria line to Seven Sister and to get the over-ground by getting out of the tube and walking about 10 minutes to get the over-ground to go to Turkey street. building-partnerships

The worst part was to wait for the train from Seven Sister around 16:55 PM, which it took forever to come. By the time I got to my aunt place, was about 17:30 PM. I had to ring my little cousin to let her know, I was coming and so she could let me in. when I got in set myself and take my coat off and relax after that open the luggage and give the little one their late Christmas present and they both love it. Next got to the kitchen and put some rice and vegetable and warm it in the microwave for 4 minutes. And sat at the lounge eating and afterward relax. The next day, seen my aunt in the morning and greeting her and uncle. Everything else on Sunday was just staying in cleaning the house and relaxing doing nothing but chill. The rest of the day was okay but not much doing just trying to find something to do. Only picking up the little one from school and giving them food and make sure they do their homework. The rest of the day was just boring and I just was so bored nothing interested in doing other than talking to myself, to ring my fiancé to talk to him every single day.


Thursday 9th February went to visit other people and hang out with them, they start talking to me to find a right job that will make you earn a lot of money. “I just feel like, they are only interested in money, always thinking of that.” While the rest of the day was fabulous at least, I went out and Saturday 11th February was a Birthday party for twins. It was a Ghana birthday party, for me was okay but not fab, I did not feel like dancing as I was exacted from town, I went to Greenwood mall which was fabulous and loves it very much.


The rest of my week in London was fabulous but still not going to listen to people telling you what to do with your life. I am going to plan my business and continue to write blood and entertain you fabulous beautiful people on my YouTube.

That’s all for today blog, remember to stay fabulous and have a fabulous weekend.

I Love you fabulous people.



Beautiful people

Hello, beautiful people!
How is your weekend going?
I am happy and fab today, Sunday is not a normal day, I usually go to church after the service just spend time with my fiancé, but instead I just go straight home. Sometimes I feel a bit weird when I go to church, I don’t feel welcome there, people just stare at you. Sometimes I don’t understand, I just feel like there are judging me in the way their eyes look at me. Do you know what? Let just forget about that thing, I just want to live my life and praise to God at home rather than go to church. I pray at home and start my own business and just keep my private life to myself and not even care what other people think about me, just want to be happy and nothing else to bother me anymore.

My outfit of today, the skirt is from my favorite store H&M, H&M is the store to find the perfect outfit; my top, shoes and tight are from New Look. New Look is my number one favorite store. I always buy most of my clothes from New Look as I love the style.



New Look style from head to toes


Today was a lazy day, but I got a problem with my eyes, my left eyes become more watering. So I decide to wear my glasses as my fiancé told me to wear it as it will help my eyes. Plus I am thinking to book an appointment to get my eyes check in case of any infect or damage to be done. This always happens to me every single year, as my eyes become blurring all the time. So it seems like, I am going to wear glasses all the time from now on.

Thanks for reading my Blogs, hope to write something more excited next time.

Thanks for reading again and remember to stay fabulous.


Family force you to be a Nurse

Hello, fabulous people, today blog is something different, it had been on my mind for quite some time now. Family trying to force me to be a nurse and telling me to become a nurse without my knowledge. I have a choice in life, there nothing and no-one can change my mind because I have made a decision to stick to what I believe, I want to achieve in life. It is not about them or trying to make you feel bad, saying to you, you might end with a bad job such as Cleaning, it is not really helping but instead, it is just putting me down and become more miserable all the time. Anyway, I am going to stay positive and prove them wrong and keep continue to plan my business and also keep looking for part/full-time job. Until when I have finished planning my business. I am going to stick and always stay with my answer and never going to change it, as it is my choice and stop talking about bringing a child into the world, if I felt pregnant anytime, I am happy to take care and give them what they need, only God knows what is my future going to be. It is not them to judge and tell me ” we are going to continue to talk about your situation”, instead they are going to become my most enemies and they won’t be any communication with me in the future; if that continue because I really mean it and me always to what I said, I will never change if they are trying to persuade me to do something I don’t want to stress myself doing, I just want a business that tells more of my personality and lives a happy life with my fiancé with anyone talking about silly thing such as ” be a nurse”. I am going to do the free course which I apply to become a make-up artist and also do my best to upload the video every day on my YouTube channel to grow and get more subscriber on my channel.
Anything else is great but that is all I wanted to talk about.
Thanks for reading my blog and do follow me for more of my lifestyle and fashion.
Remember to stay fabulous world.
Keep smiling every day.


Partner don’t believe in your dreams

Hello, world!
I am very angry about myself, I thought, my life is great and everything surrounded me is fabulous. When someone who you truly love with all your heart, tell you that you can’t earn enough money to make a living. I just feel left down and not to feel good about myself. When someone deep in your heart tells you something, but they keep pushing you far away; but in your heart, you thought, a dream is always going to be true in your life, heart and everywhere you go. I have always thought, someone is playing a game with me, but I don’t like this anymore. Either to switch off my phones, not to talk to anyone and not even them to bother me anymore. Because I am sick and tired, even when I want to prove to them, I have a great idea how to make my dream come into reality, but no, they think, they know best than me.
The reason I feel this way, my partner thinks I’m crazy but for me, this show, I’m no good with anything. Because I keep letting all job and quitting them about the way all suppliers and services, they deal in a different way. But my feeling of today, is getting worst, I feel lonely, I don’t care and how long it takes me to be there at the top; because I know nothing or no-one can stop me reaching that top and become more presidential and keep in control and also help other in that situation and their dreams come true just like mine one day. I don’t care whether no money or money, I know I am going to make it and become rich, to prove to my partner, I don’t need him to help me at all in my life. The reason is to work hard, learn more and show them, I am just as confident I am today, but no-one and I mean no-one can tell me silly thing such as “oh sorry I can’t help you with whatever you are looking for, and oh sorry I have no money and waiting to get pay”, this is a new me, I am not going to take no and I am going to work all my hardest to get there, even I don’t get there but one day, I be stronger than anyone else cause my life is going to get better from 2017. To prove to my partner, he doesn’t know me what I am capable of doing for this year.


Fake Friends

Today I have decided to write a topic, this is not something I like to talk about, but sometimes, I am very careful and who I make friend with, but to me acknowledge, some people will take you for granted. Sometimes, I get to think to myself, do any of my friends really care about me; or do they think about what I am feeling right inside, or maybe they cannot be bothered what my feeling is being hurt. This can also be the issues of the friend who pretend to bring their wallet or purse because they know the other friend will definitely pay for their meal all the time. To the situation I am in, I find quite hard to believe, sometimes, they will take you for a fool, and they know that you will pay for them as you are “their friend”.  To the situation I am in, I can find myself, being their cash-machine, they will ask me all the time to go for a meal with them, or maybe go for a girl night out, but still you are the one paying for their drink and food; but don’t forget, you will pay for their taxi to get back home as they don’t have any money and forgot their purse for some stupid reason. Sometimes, I asked myself this question all the time, are there really my friends or they are people who need money or someone who have more money than them. I always thought of myself, there is no such thing. Sometimes, I feel bad for my friend who can’t afford a single meal or spend money to buy themselves a pair a shoe that they saw in Dorothy Perkins; this is when I decide to buy them a gift to them, so they don’t need to worry about giving me the money back. Other than people I met from Sunderland University, they will become your friend, they will get closer to you, they will come to your accommodation to see where you live, they will eat your food, and keep insist you bring the food for them at college. Even though you only became the friend on day one from the induction day and ending getting closer to them, and you thought, you become buddy and study together. But it ends up, they are just using you for money and someone who will give them food and not spend any of their money. Then one day they start this funny thing by writing the amount of money that they own you, but up still today, they have not pay that money back. As I am a good friend, I don’t like to ask it, but to them that I don’t need it but to inform them, if you make friend with someone, just be yourself and bring your purse and don’t expect that new friend to pay for your meal as you want to be the “Queen or Princess” of this world. Just know that you have to work hard, as everyone else in the world work to earn to provide for their family, not wasted money on silly things such as drinking and junk food. Not only that but to let other know you are caring, not someone using their brain first, but instead, they are getting the same thing what they used to do from the other person.



Lazy Sunday

Hello Peeps!

Happy Sunday, today was a quite fun time day, but i was too tired to get up in the morning.

The first thing i done this morning was to brush my teeth and getting myself straight to the shower.


When i have finished with the shower, i quickly dry myself and take put lotion on my body.

When i have done that, i quickly put my lovely green dress which i bought from Boohoo. The lovely pair of shoe from River Island, everything else just fab.


next i put my make-up on but not too much as my foundation in run out; especially my favourite brand


Put a little bit of Rimmel london 16 hours lasting lipstick.


Lastly setting spray from  Urban decay;  put my coat on and head straight to church. When the church service finished, i went straight home to make some lunch to eat.


The rest of day just saying in the lounge and relax and listening to music. I have just finished watching “Dance Dance Dance” on ITV1 at 6:30PM.


Goodbye  and thanks for reading my Sunday lazy day, Hope you Peeps have fab Sunday, Remember to stay fabulous.